The Reality:

In these rapidly changing and complex times leaders are constantly under increasing pressure to keep up with the pace of change. They are expected to be visionary, adaptive, innovative, collaborative, engaging, and simultaneously drive and deliver results. Additionally, many leaders are elevated to leadership positions due to their subject matter expertise and not necessarily their leadership capability. Executive and Leadership Coaching can help elevate these critical skills, resulting in higher performance and overall well-being because when you feel your best, you perform at your best.


Leadership Coaching – By developing vital business acumen and leadership skills, emotional intelligence, mental resiliency, and self-awareness, Senior Leaders and Emerging Leaders become significantly more effective and fulfilled at work and in all areas of their lives by:

  • Identifying purpose and creating a compelling vision
  • Learning to set and achieve meaningful goals
  • Develop robust communication and rapport-building skills
  • Gaining a deep understanding of being a better leader and mentor
  • Building and sustaining innovative and high-performing team

Business Coaching – Working with organizations to achieve a collective understanding of their purpose and to develop a “Coaching Culture” that is supportive, where communication is key, collaboration is high, change is welcomed and achievements are celebrated.

Coaching and Leadership Training Approach:

I bring 30 years of business experience to my dynamic Executive Leadership Coaching and Training work centered on performance enhancement and overall well-being. Coaching that is focused on building cognitive agility, leadership capability, professional presence/personal brand building, communication, resiliency, and peak performance. My coaching style is described as tough but fair, focusing on delivering sustained personal and professional growth predicated on observable change in behaviors and results.

A central piece of my coaching practice is based on my training in Positive Intelligence (PQ). PQ is a synthesis of recent neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology breakthroughs and performance science validated by over half a million participants in 50 countries, including CEOs, students, elite athletes, and sales, operations, and technology teams. Every customized coaching session with a leader includes a 6-week PQ Mental Fitness Program with an app-guided experience. More info – PQ Program.


Ph.D. in Organizational Development & Leadership and is a Positive Intelligence Coach, Speaker, and an Author. Multilingual (English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Tamil) and resides in San Diego, CA. Experienced Strategic Advisor and Executive Coach, having worked with Executives in Healthcare, Aerospace & Defense, Gaming, Retail, Restaurants, Media & Entertainment, Home Building, Manufacturing, Global Retail, Banks and Financial Services, Mining, Education, and State and Local Government.

Well-versed and sought after as a coach and workshop facilitator on senior leadership executive development programs and has attended training at

  • MIT Sloan School of Management,
  • Harvard Business School,
  • University of California Berkeley-Haas School of Business, and
  • Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management.           

To All the Visionary Leaders and Trailblazing Executives,


Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, growth, and lasting transformation?


Leadership isn't just about strategies and skills—it's about the continuous evolution of your mind, spirit, and purpose. That's why we've meticulously crafted a transformative coaching experience that will take you through four powerful phases, designed to elevate your personal and professional life.


Phase 1: Cognitive Wiring


In this foundational phase, we delve deep into understanding your unique cognitive wiring. Discover the patterns, beliefs, and habits that have shaped your journey thus far. Unearth the hidden potential within your thought processes and discard any blockers. It's time to unlock your mind's full capabilities.


Phase 2: Defining Your North Star


Now, let's set your course. We work together to define your North Star, that brilliant guiding light that will lead you through challenges and triumphs. Explore your passions, values, and aspirations, and align your professional and personal life with what truly matters to you.


Phase 3: Building New Neural Pathways


The future is built by forging new paths. In this phase, we navigate uncharted territory by creating fresh neural pathways. Break free from limiting beliefs, embrace change, and cultivate resilience. Your mind is your most powerful tool—let's mold it for greatness.


Phase 4: Achieve Sustained Breakthrough Outcomes


The pinnacle of your journey—achieving breakthrough outcomes that transcend fleeting success. Experience the profound impact of your transformed mindset on your leadership, your team, and your organization. Witness your personal and professional life elevate to unprecedented heights.


This is not just a coaching program; it's a voyage of self-discovery, empowerment, and monumental growth. Are you ready to embark on this life-altering journey?


What Awaits You:


Personalized Guidance: Tailored coaching sessions to meet your unique needs.

Proven Strategies: Evidence-based techniques for lasting transformation.

Accountability: Stay on course with continuous support and guidance.

Sustained Growth: Watch your personal and professional life flourish.


Join us in this odyssey of self-mastery and leadership excellence. Your true potential awaits.


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Reach out to start your journey toward unparalleled success and fulfillment. Take the first step, and book a complimentary call to see if we are a mutual fit.


🚀 Elevate Your Leadership. Transform Your Life. 🚀


P.S. Your North Star is waiting to guide you. Are you ready to follow it?

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